To Enhance Language Learning Ability & Knowledge about Chinese Culture

To give you and your kids a leg up in Mandarin to communicate with China's 1.3 billion people.

This Chinese Learning System written in Chinese & English Short Story Format includes CD, Text in Mandarin Chinese Characters & English, and Hanyu Pinyin

Listen to a story in standard Mandarin by not just a Chinese native speaker but a professional performer. This is an effective tool to enhance your language learning ability and your knowledge about the Chinese Culture. Narrated in standard Mandarin Chinese and English. Transcript in Chinese and English is included to assist learning. From key words and phrases, you can see how words and phrases are used to build a sentence. Repetition is used to reinforce these words, phrases and sentences. Also included is Hanyu Pinyin, which is the official system to transcribe Chinese characters into Latin script, and it is often used to teach Mandarin Chinese, spell Chinese names in foreign publications, or as an input method to enter Chinese characters (hànzì) into computers.

Whether you are a beginner or you have studied Chinese, whether you are self-taught or have a tutor, this is an effective tool. You have everything you need to master the words and phrases in the story, and it is a powerful self-teaching tool for reading , writing and listening comprehension, or just get yourself familiar with the speech of a native speaker. It can be used as useful teaching material by educators. CD can be conveniently played for students in the classroom and children who are in bed longing for more story time, or travelers who have a few minutes transitioning between flights.

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