Holiday Gifts

The Art of Gift Giving

Holiday time. If you try hard to find that perfect gift for someone, or you wonder whether the gift is appropriate, good or great, you are not alone. We all have a need and search a way to express ourselves, whether love, care for a loved one, or thanks, best wishes for a friend or a business associate. No doubt, gift giving is one way to do just that. What and how is the question, which is the art of gift giving,


Give something beautiful. e.g. a piece of jewelry
Give something useful. e.g. an E-Reader:Kindle Wireless Reading Device (6" Display, Global Wireless, Latest Generation), or digital devices
Give something exotic. e.g. a set of chopsticksporcelain tea sets
Give something entertaining. e.g. a music CDa movie DVD
Give something educational. e.g. a book;an educational set of a movie, a book, a toy and a game.

Give something healthy. e.g. a Taiji DVD teaching how to practice Taiji for health:Tai Chi for Health: Yang Long Form
Give something different. e.g. underwear with a love message
Give something meaningful. e.g. money and time to help the old and the sick; coaching and mentoring a child; volunteering for a cause
Give something business like. e.g.Shanghai business and investment guides, or business gifts

Give somethng free. e.g. introduce a web page or a Dao De Jing manuscrip
Give something unique…as far as your imaginations go.
Give something money can not buy.

Of course, these adjectives are not mutually exclusive. One gift can be beautiful, useful, exotic, entertaining, educational, special, meaningful as well as healthy and business like, such as green loose tea leaves. When choosing gifts, we tend to think what the person likes and needs, which is a good thought, but it should not be the only thought. Gift giving is a great time to expend our horizon, introduce a new experience, and give a nice surprise. Remember, sometimes, the idea is more important than the actual gift. Packaging and notes attached are part of the art of gift giving. For example, for some items, a cloth gift bag suits better, which gives a different appeal, a personal touch and tends to stand out. A hand written note or a custom card is almost always wonderful, which can go with or without a gift. Millions have spent time to present such a card for various occasions, and yet people always welcome the next special one. Keep in mind, spending time with an elderly or playing an educational toy with a friend’s toddler is a great way of giving during holiday seasons and throughout the year. Be loving, caring and generous. Also consider giving something money can not buy.